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Bugs in LMDListbox (LMD Tool 2020) in Delphi 10.4.2

Im am working with the TLMDListbox for more then 10 years.

But the 2020er Version is ignoring these propierties :
- header Font
- transparency

can you help me with this problem ?


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  • Please specify how you use this control, because without further information it is not clear what your problem is:

    Transparency works only on special LMD background controls (semi-transparency feature). I just tested on TLMDPanelFill Control and Transparent feature works fine (for the listbox content).
    HeaderFont works only in non-themed/-styled modes (otherwise headerfont is defined by style/theme). Setting ThemeMode to ttmNone will make the headercontrol use the HeaderFont setting.

  • Hi Rafael,

    it use the LMDListbox just on the main form. in older versions (Delphi xe6) the transparency was working.

    header font:
    I allready tried to use ThemeMode = ttmNone ; but then the header has been displayed white without text.
    are there any other properties, do make this working ?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce your issues. Header fonts in ttmNone theme mode works fine. Transparency mode never worked above a form directly (as mentioned before, you need a special parent, like TLMDPanelFill).
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