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Floating dockpanel doesn't resize correct (multi monitor DPI) and cannot maximize


We have been testing with the 2019.2 release today and encounter two problems with multi-monitor high dpi settings. I have the following settings: 2 monitors, the first monitor is 4k (200% scaled, internal laptop screen), the second monitor is 1080p (100% scaled) and the second monitor is set as primary desktop.

1. If you move a panel from 96 DPI to 192 DPI, the font and pictures are sized correctly (yes!), but the size of the panel does NOT scale. This is not normal behavior with multi-monitor high DPI. You can reproduce it by starting the attached example on the primary desktop (1080p monitor, 96 DPI) and move the panel to the other monitor.

2. After moving the panel to the 4k monitor, you cannot maximize the panel. If you click the maximize button, the panel is maximized on the second monitor (the primary desktop monitor, 1080p, 96 DPI).

Is this a known problem? And do you have any suggestions for fixing it?

Best regards,

Laurens van Run
LMD dpi


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