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SyntaxEdit replace issue and 'Modified' state

Can SyntaxEdit be changed so that if a user performs a 'replace' that doesn't actually change anything, then the 'Modified' state is not set to true?

For example, if I replace 'app' with 'app' then the modified state seems to change.... even though there was no real change to the document (it's still exactly the same document).


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  • It may be easy to implement, but, actually, I don't like this idea. From my viewpoint this is not intuitive for users. Delphi's code editor, for example, marks the file as modified in such cases.
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    I had a customer bring up this issue and it caused problems/issues for what he was doing... it caused my editor to want to re-save files that didn't need to be saved, causing unnecessary prompting, saving, and resetting of file time stamps.... when nothing had really changed.

    Plus, it is logically correct. A document that has not changed should not be considered modified.

    Delphi's code editor may just be taking the "lazy" approach and simply ignoring the case when a replace causes nothing to actually change.

    So I think it makes sense to implement this easy change.
  • Done. Next service release will be published soon.
  • Great, thank you!
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