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Link with RTL Packages

I found an issue with LMD Tools
whereby turning off “Link with RTL Packages” gives an error on not able to open
Resource files

My platform is Win10

I am using RAD Studio C++Builder 10.4.1 Sydney

I am currently using LMD Tools
version: 2020.8 Noc 17,2020

When I place a single TLMDSimple Panel on a form and build I get this error

[Link32 Error] Error: Unable to open file "LMDBMPCORE.RES"

[Link32 Error] Error: Unable to open file "LMDBMPX.RES"

[Link32 Error] Error: Unable to perform link.

As as matter of fact when I place any LMD VCL component like Simple Label, or Checkbox I get error

When I turn :With RTL Packages = true

I get no errors


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    Please find mentioned resource files somewhere in your LMD installation, and add the corresponding directory in project's settings:

    1) Include Path
    2) Library Path

    Alternatively, you can add the path globally via Tools|Options|Language|C++|Paths and Directories
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