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TElXTree Mouse Scroll Wheel not operating the Vertical Scroll Bar

A user pointed out today that the Windows mouse scroll wheel was not operating the vertical scroll bar in my ElXTree control.

I checked an earlier version of my program from a few years ago that used an earlier version of ElPack, and the mouse scroll wheel worked back then.  

Is this a problem ElXtree in the latest version of ElPack?  Or is there something I need to do to get it working?



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    I've checked and the scrolling of tree content works well. What you mean saying "operating the vertical scroll bar"?

    Also, can you please check the issue using "MegaDemo_ElXTree" included demo?
  • Thank you. Knowing that it works fine for you helps.

    So then I added a new ElXTree to my form and the mouse scroll wheel worked fine. That seemed to indicate one of my properties must be different than the default.

    Sure enough.  The default for UseCustomScrollBars is true and the mouse scroll wheel works.  But if you change it to false, then the mouse scroll wheel stops working.

    So please check ElXTree after setting UseCustomScrollBars to false and see if the mouse scroll wheel stops working for you.
  • Fixed.
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