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Memory leak and other issue in tElHTMLLabel

Hello LMD team,

I have two issues with tELHTMLLabel.

(1) My first problem is that ordered lists (<OL>)  in tElHtmlLabel  produce a white background behind the item numbers and don't leave any whitespace between the number and the text, which looks rather ugly. See attachment!

(2) My second problem is that FastMM4 reports memory leaks in one of my forms that uses tElHTMLLabel. The leaked objects are "LMDHTMLUnit.tLMDHTMLBreakItem" and also several unicodestrings are leaked.  I believe it has to do with the fact that some of these labels contain line breaks(<BR>) inside list items.

This is a snippet of FastMM4's report:
A memory block has been leaked. The size is: 84
This block was allocated by thread 0x1374, and the stack trace (return addresses) at the time was:
404C2A [System][@GetMem]
405DB7 [System][TObject.NewInstance]
406372 [System][@ClassCreate]
835FE2 [LMDHTMLUnit.pas][LMDHTMLUnit][TLMDHTMLBreakItem.Create][753]
405DD5 [System][TObject.FreeInstance]
4063BD [System][@ClassDestroy]
835D41 [LMDHTMLUnit.pas][LMDHTMLUnit][TLMDHTMLItem.Destroy][604]
83816F [LMDHTMLUnit.pas][LMDHTMLUnit][ProcessTag][1585]
839497 [LMDHTMLUnit.pas][LMDHTMLUnit][TLMDHTMLRender.PrepareToData][1968]
410A4E [FastMM4][CalculateHeaderCheckSum]
410A5D [FastMM4][UpdateHeaderAndFooterCheckSums]
The block is currently used for an object of class: LMDHTMLUnit.TLMDHTMLBreakItem

tElHTMLLabel bug.png


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