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SyntaxEdit scrolling bogs down on some files with latest SyntaxEdit update

I recently updated SyntaxEdit to the latest version.

It seemed to be working well until I edited a larger PHP file (about 111KB of mostly of PHP code) which I had often edited before in SyntaxEdit. However, this time SyntaxEdit was really bogging down while scrolling through the document... for example, going to the top line and then holding down the down arrow key. It was really slow.

Other files like smaller HTML files and PHP files containing mostly HTML didn't have this problem.

Is there something added or fixed in the last few months that might cause this?

Any ideas?


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  • Yes. You asked for Unicode support (emojii, ect), Btw, it work fine on my tests. 
    Send me your file I will look.
  • holding down the down arrow key. It was really slow.

    Thats especially strange, because key repeating is not a fast operation by itself. I mean, there a lot of time between key repeats.
    I'm testing with my "free wheel" Logitech mouse, which stresses the edit much more.
    Anyway, please send the file.
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    Sure, I will send you a PHP file to reproduce the issue later today.

    UPDATE: I just sent a test file via email with more details on the issue.
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