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Per-item hints on TLMDPropertyInspector

I'd love to be able to have per-property tooltip hints visible on a TLMDPropertyInspector. I can't see any way of achieving this - no OnGetPropertyHint event, or similar.



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  • Hm.. There are no built-in way, you right. May be the following will work as a workaround: use OnMouseMove event, in its event handler test, over which poroperty the cursor resides, and assign the hint to standard Hint property.
  • Thanks - I will try.
  • As you suggest, I've tried this code in the OnMouseMove, and it -almost- works.

    TLMDPropertyInspectorItem *prop =  propertyInspector->ItemAtPos(X, Y);

    if (prop != NULL) propertyInspector->Hint = prop->PropName;

    But, the problem is that the hint isn't redrawn automatically when the mouse moves. You actually have to click in the control to get the hint to update.
  • Then, unfortunately, there are no way to do this in current version.
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