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Styles of visual components in D7 (buttons, edit box, checkboxes, etc.)

I am trying to move an old application developed in D7.  I had to upgrade from an old version of Eldos to the most recent one as a first step to prepare a move to Delphi X10, but suddenly, all the TButtons, TBitmap, TEdit etc now have the old 3D style. While I could use Eldos replacements for many of those, not all of them can be replaced with Eldos versions.

How can I get the same appearance as before (flat look)?  Is it simply a parameter or a global property that I have to change somewhere?  


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  • Sorry, it is not quite clear what your problem is. 

    >>TButtons, TBitmap, TEdit etc now have the old 3D style<<
    These are standard VCL controls. When you mean those controls are no longer themed, you simply have to (re-?)add a manifest file to your project. This is a standard feature in later Delphi IDEs ("Enable Runtime Themes"), but for Delphi 7 you have to include it manually - either by creating correct manifest file yourself (google for more info) or using the TXPManifest control which is included in Delphi 7 (which is hover quite useless for later Delphi versions).
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