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SyntaxEdit and control characters and noncharacters

What would it take to display control characters and noncharacters as empty boxes? Right now they seem to be displayed as nothing or as space characters and thus are invisible.

By control characters and noncharacters I mean the relevant code points mentioned here:

Screenshot showing 2 boxes where there are control characters:

Is this easily possible with SyntaxEdit or would it require "a lot of work"?



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  • Hi,

    We now busy with next release features, and so, we consider all your suggestions. I cannot promise, because this need to be reviewed deeply before I can say something.
  • But, can you describe more specifically what you want here: 
    - On your picture I see that every character image contains char code. Is this critical? Because I think, this will not work for smaller default fonts anyway.
    - Do you need custom image at all? Or it just be sufficient to show characters with "box" char:
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    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for considering this feature.

    1. No, the char code in the boxes is not critical and since most people will be using a font that is too small to see the codes anyway it is a very low priority "want to have". Please don't spend development time on this when there are more important & useful features that can be implemented.

    2. No, I don't need a custom image. Just a "box" character would be fine... maybe an option to specify the exact character used would be nice, but not necessary.

    3. It would be important that if the user deletes this "box" character that the underlying character be deleted from the document.

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