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Floating panel not saving when multiple dockmanagers running

Hi there,

I have come across a strange problem recently, and so far nothing I have tried seems to fix it.
I will try to explain:

In my app I have a default form with a DockSite and DockManager. This form itself is invisible and I call it a Floating dashboard. Its purpose is to save and load all of my floating LMD dock panels. On its own this works perfectly.

In the same app, I can create more dashboards (each with their own DockSite and DockManager). These are custom dashboards that are created to only save and load docked LMD dock panels. These also work perfectly for this purpose.

However, as soon as I introduce one or more of these custom dashboards the saving of floating dock panels to my default Floating dashboard breaks. It does not save any panel information to its XML.

Is this a feature of the docking component(s) or a bug? It doesn't seem to make sense as the parent/owner of the floating panel is always the floating dashboard docksite so it should know how to save it to its XML.

Much appreciated if you could help me out here...


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  • Hi,

    Every floating panel has its own implicit dock-site (and a form, of course). This implicit dock-site is created on-the-fly when you drag panel from its original site to make it floating.

    So, every such implicit dock-site should also be connected to some DockManager. This happens automatically if only one instance of DockManager exists in application. But, if several instances exist, you need to do this manually. Just use DockManager.OnAttachFloatingSite event handler and set its Accept parameter to True to attach floating dock-site to the manager; when floating site is created this events are fired in each DockManager secuentially, until one of event handlers accepts the site.

    This will fix your issue with saving. But, the association is actually required for other purposes also, for example, styling, ect.

  • Perfect! Exactly the answer I was looking for thanks.
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