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ElxTree Demo Differences between Windows XP and Windows 7/10

Good afternoon.
When developing on Elxtree component, we find the following difference between Windows XP and Windows operating systems 7/10.

To explain it better see on the demo, when using Inplace editors and edit a cell, select the text automatically (as you can see in the picture DEMO-XP), this is correct.
But if we run the same demo in windows 7 or 10, and edit a cell, not automatically performs the selection of content and positions the cursor blinking at the end of the content
(as you can see in the picture DEMO-WIN7), curiously If you then move the mouse then make the selection of the content and it gets in blue as windows XP.

This is normal operation in windows 7? It is somewhat annoying to have to move the mouse to perform the selection when XP is done automatically.
You have any solution?

Thank you very much


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