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Downloaded zip file is corrupt

Hi Guys,

On your the download page of your website I tried to download the the demo & help pdf of the Dockingpack.
I downloaded it succesfully several times but when I try to unpack it (using winrar or windows explorer) the following error occurs:
*\Downloads\ unknown method in pDockingDemo.exe
*\Downloads\ unknown method in LMDDockingPack.pdf
*\Downloads\ No files to extract.

Maybe the file is corrupt. 
I hope you can update this!



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  • I re-uploaded new archive. Please check it. Thank you for report
  • I have checked it again. Still the same problem for me but it's working fine now @my colleagues PC.
    So he unzipped it for me ;)

    I have a different question for you. 
    I'm exploring the possibilities of using the docking components.
    All is working well so far except for one issue.
    I would like rearrange the different subforms but don't allow the windows to float.
    Is this possible with the current component version? 

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    Yes. This is possible. You can use OnUnDock event of the TLMDDockSite like this:

    procedure TForm1.SiteUnDock(Sender: TObject; Client: TControl; 
      NewTarget: TWinControl; var Allow: Boolean); 
      Allow := (NewTarget = Site); 

    However, this will not work, if DockManager.Style.DragContent is True (default in VS2010 style), because in this case the panel undocked immediately at the drag start.
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    Hello all,

    I implemented your solution.
    Unfortunately it didn't work.
    I uploaded a sample project: Download here

    The Variable NewTarget always returns the TLMDDockManager component even when turns into a floating form.

    I hope you guys can have a look at the sample project.


    @Admin. The upload/attach functionality doesn't work. I get a error after uploading a file:
    file upload failed. Reason ( missing a temporary folder  

    I'm using Dockingcomponent pack version:
    Component: TLMDDockPanel
    Package:   LMD DockingPack 2011.1 (22-12-2010)
    IDE:       (Delphi/C++Builder 2010) - Trialversion
    Platform:  Platform: Windows 7 (Build: 7601, Service Pack 1)

  • Hm. Strange. I've created and tested the code. It works!
    Do you set DockManager.Style.DragContent to False as was mentioned?
  • @Balabuev
    - Which version of the dockingcomponent are you using?
    - Were you able to test the software with the sample project I attached?
    - I did set the dragcontent to false. (used the vs2005 style and checked the dragcontent).

    Could you send me a working sample project?

  • Which version of the dockingcomponent are you using

    I use latest version from SVN.

    Were you able to test the software with the sample project I attached?

    No. The file has been removed from file-server.
  • Today I have time again to look into this matter.
    I updated my version to the most recent version of the docking component.

    @Balabuev, indeed your answer solves my issues, but only partly.
    Let me explain:
    When I drag and drop a docking frame OUTSIDE the border of tlmddocksite it works fine. But now when I drop the docking frame within the border of the tlmddocksite BUT NOT in a hotspot the frame still becomes a floating frame.

    So I think I need to rephrase my question: How can I allow my frames to only be dropped on a hotspot?
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