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Detect when DockPanel gets hidden


is it possible to detect when a TLMDDockPanel gets hidden? 

I need this for follwowing two cases: 

1. The Panels is not pinned and gets hidden automaticaly after clicking into an other area
2. The Panel ist tabbed and an other panel (within the same collection) is activated



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    The only way is to use Site.OnChange event and analyze dock zones starting from Panel.Zone and up. if some zone is un-pinned, its IsAutoHidden will return True. As well Tab zones can be analyzed using they SelectedPage property.

    LMD Innovative.
  • Hello again,

    that sounds good, but I coldn't achieve to get the tabzones. Do you have an example for this? 
    I also need to know when a auto hidden Panel is shown again. Especially when the mouse hovers over the tab. On Enter works when a tab is clicked.

    Perhaps its helpfull, when I tell you my purpose:

    I use dynamically created DockPanels and each contains a form. When a DockPanel is shown or closed (means the form is visible or not) I have to do some actions. 

    Thank you
  • Hello,

    ich have solved this by iterating through all zone when Site.OnChange is fired. Also I handle the OnAutoHide method and look for the State (ahsOpened etc).

    Thank you again

    PS: LMDDocking is really great!!!
  • Thank you for your feedback :-)
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