Forum Changes: Access forum with your customer account!

We implemented SSO for your (new) customer portal account and this forum. 
This means: Customers with access to new portal can simply enter and post questions with existing account! Neither separate login data is required nor apply for membership is required any longer. If you are not aware of new customer portal, please read Wiki entry.

If you already had an account with different access data (based on your eMail address): 
When you login first time in this forum, your old forum account will be connected to your portal account (so that all your previous discussions are still assigned to your profile).

All LMD2016 customers (including subscription users) already have access to new customer portal.
With December Customer Mailing we will offer all LMD2015 customers to update their old account data to new customer portal. If you want be ported right now, please eMail us to
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