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LMDFormShadow and XE8 Styles.

Hi Guys,
Using a XE8 style, Iceberg Classico.  It puts rounded corners on dialogs/forms.
If I add a LMDFormShaow component on the form it shows a shadow OK but doesn't respect the curved corner(s).
Whilst not a fault per se, it would be nice to have the shadow respect/follow the curve.  i.e. recognise the Style in use.
Any chance?





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    >>Any chance?<<
    I don't think so (yet). Because of bitmapped style there is no simple way to find out dimensions (and the control does not change the actual non-client area drawing itself). 
    A more sensible way would be to switch off TLMDFormShadow features when an active VCL Style is detected (in case you allow your customers to switch between system and VCL themes/styles).
    Would that be a possible solution for you?
  • Hi Rafael,
    Sure.  Not a problem att.

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