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TElXTree with TElTreeInplaceComboBox

I'm using a TElTreeInplaceComboBox to allow editing of cells in a TElXTree grid. While everything "works" the user interface seems very cumbersome.

To edit a cell, I have to do the following using the mouse.
  • a: Double click the cell to show the combobox
  • b: Click on the required new value from the combobox
  • c: Click on a different cell, or press Enter

Until step 'c' is performed, my code isn't made aware of the change (via the tree's OnEndEditItem)

How can I remove the need for user to do step 'c' - or, be informed of a change when step 'b' occurs?


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  • Hi,

    this question was already answered some time ago (in a question from yourself *g*).

    >>How can I remove the need for user to do step 'c' - or, be informed of a change when step 'b' occurs?<<
    To repeat: There is no built-in way (The AfterOperation methods are bound to OnExit events of the editors by default)
    But: You can either derive from your own control from TElTreeInplaceComboBox and make desired events accessible/change behaviour or 
    you add at runtime your events to public Editor property of the TElTreeInplaceComboBox component (which includes the reference to the internal TELHTMLComboBox component which is used as combobox editor). 
    In later case a good event would be the OnInplaceEditorNeeded event to provide an inplace editor with custom features.

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