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What does this error mean Cannot serialize custom converted values of type %s as simple objects

You don't support TList or TObjectList so we have created a CustomConverter to handle these lists.

Now we want to have an Object that has a TObject property that can point at either another serializable Object or one of our above defined lists.

TMyObject = class
  Property Result : TObject;

When I try to do this I get the above error.

MyObject := TMyObject.Create;
MyTList := TListWithConverter.Create;
MyObject.Result := MyTList;

And it blows with the above error. Am I supposed to be getting this error in this situation and if so How can I use lists with your product.

If on the other hand my object is defined like this.

TMyObject = class
  Property Result : TListWithConverter;

And I do the above code it runs fine. 

Please help!



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