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TLMDDockPanel: OnDock / OnUndock events?

Is there anything similar to an OnUndock event for the TLMDdockPanel?
If not, where in the TLMDdockPanel code could I create it?
I need to know when a panel is undocked (right after it happens) from the dockingsite, and LMDDockSite.UnDock never happens on that case.


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  • Hi,

    OnUndock event works in non drag-content mode; for example in VS 2005 style. In drag-content mode, where a panel is undocked at the drag start, its impossible to make it work.

    You can add notification at the following point: in the TLMDDragObject.Init method after the following lines: 

    FDragForm.ActivateOnNextShow; // Before DockControl.
    FDragForm.SetDraggingMode(True, False);
  • Thanks, I think that is exactly it.
    I'll give it a try and let you know how it behaved.

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