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Drag problem with TElXTree

Here's the scenario. I have a TElXTree with DragAllowed=true, and Multiselect is false.

Not all items are draggable, so the OnCanDrag event should filter them out.

Now, if the user attempts to drag an item that's not draggable, odd things happen:

He clicks on the item and starts dragging. OnCanDrag is called, and returns false. 
Now, without releasing the mouse, he continues his drag 'attempt' over another item in the tree, which *is* draggable. 
OnCanDrag for this item returns true, and *that* item starts being dragged.

Surely OnCanDrag shouldn't be called a second time unless he releases the mouse button first?

So far, I've tried and failed to make a small example with this.


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  • >>So far, I've tried and failed to make a small example with this.<<
    Hmm - small example would be nice to understand your problem exactly . Pease send file to (if you zip the  file, rename it e.g. to myfile(dot)zip - otherwise it will be blocked).

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