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I checked all the available documentation for information about the Plugin Capabilities of the LMD products but the only information I found is in the wiki : I expected to find some information about the capabilities and technologies supported; may be some example project in the demo folders...
Do I miss something?


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  • Demos can be found in
    \demos\lmdplugin folder

  • I found the demos from the Trial of the LMD VCL Complete 2013 package. But still no documentation or cross technology examples. What I would really like to know is the plugin architecture based on COM? Can I develop plugins in C# for example, if so which interfaces/TLBs have to be implemented and so on...
  • >>What I would really like to know is the plugin architecture based on COM? <<

    No. Please check the demos and you will find out that Pluginpack is for application specific plugins. Nothing like Hydra or similar to write cross platform plugins.

  • Where do I finde the demo project for "TLMDPluginManager" or a related tutorial for the latest version (2022) of LMD VLC Tools.
  • The demos are still in the \demos\lmdplugin folder. If you have access to AnyLogger source code, you can check sources how to use PluginPack as extension framework. 
  • Thanks for the quick reply. But maybe I'm too stupid, but I can't find "\demos\lmdplugin" or any other demo project after installing LMD Tools (setupvcl22d27.exe). Under which directory can they be found? 
    Is there a specific license required for this or do I need to download the demo projects separately.  
  • Seek and you shall find ... after the reinstallation I found the demo projects.
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