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Collection Editor update problem

I have a property inspector, and am looking at a collection property. 

When I change the 'Name' property of a collectionitem object,  the collection editor dialog doesn't update to show the new name until it's closed and reopened. i'm overriding GetDisplayName, and calling Changed(false) when the objects name is changed.



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  • I didn't understand one point: Who changes the Name property? 
    - You change it manually, in code?
    - Or, it changed via property inspector?
  • Please mention laways Product version and IDE. This discussion is tagged ElPack - so do you mean an ElPack Inspector control or one of LMD InspectorPack?
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    Rafael : Sorry, it's LMD InspectorPack/DesignPack 2013, latest SVN build. I wish there was a way to edit messages/categories after posting...

    Balabuev: when I change the collectionItem's Name property from the property inspector, I would like the Collection Editor to update to reflect this. When I close and re-open the collection editor, the correct name appears.

  • Hi,

    The bug has been fixed. please update your sources from SVN.
  • Yes, fixed : Thanks as always for your awesome support!

    It's less important, but when the collection gets redrawn after I change the 'name' property of a collectionitem as before the collectionitem in the editor dialog seems to lose it's 'selected' highlight. 
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