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Stripes with RowSelect in LMDShellList


I'm a registered User of the newest LMD ShellPack 2024.

You can see in your LMD FileManager (LMD-Demos\Demos\delphi\lmdshell\LMD FileManager\) the following issue:

Please select the LMDShellList and then enable RowSelect. Then compile the code and scroll down with the cursor from the top in the LMDShellList on the right side. There you see stripes from the top to the bottom among the columns. See attached demo video - please unzip it first.

How can I prevent this? I need the function "RowSelect" in my programs.

Kind regards,
Stripes with


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    This seems to be a Delphi or Windows bug. If you set:

    - ViewStyle = vsReport
    - OwnerData = True
    - RowSelect = True

    in standard TListView with configured columns, then you will see this bug. We will think, but most probably, we cannot do anything with it.
  • I think this is not a Windows bug because I have the same issue with Windows 10 and Windows 11.
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