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Caption font of unpinned (collapsed) docpanel

Is there a way to set the font of the caption when a dockpanel is unpinned such that is is collapsed to the side (caption in a vertical orientation)?  Inspectors who use our app on a tablet in the field say it is too small and hard to see in the sunlight.  Perhaps even changing the tab color could help if the caption font can't be changed.  I tried changing the font but it only applies when it is pinned.


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  • Most probably, you tried to change the font of a dock-panel. Simply use Font property of the parent TLMDDockSite instead. It will affect the text on all tabs including unpinned panels vertical text.
  • Yup, that's what I did.  Changing the dock site does the trick, thanks!  I changed it to bold, but then I had to make all child controls in each doc panel not use the parent font so they don't become bold as well.
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