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Saving and Loading KeyBindings

Hi, maybe I've  missed something in the Wiki or in this list, but I can't find it (and  I have looked):

TLMDEditKeybindingsDialog allows you to customise KeyBindings for LMD Syntax at runtime, but I can't find any way to save the customised bindings and load them at next application start. Is it possible to do this, please?



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    There no built-in way to save/load them. Programmatically, you can access customized key bindings via View.CustomKeyBindings property.
  • OK, thanks, Eugene. Can I add it to the requested features list, please? Obviously I can write code to save and load them myself (and will do), but that's a technique that's always a bit risky with someone else's structures - if the internal format changes, or adds new properties, I'd have to rework my code.
  • The problem with cases like this, is that various of formats are exist. Including structured formats like registry, ini files, etc. So, we cannot provide a way to save/load in all of them for every case. On the other hand, saving to opaque binary stream seems to me inadequate.
  • That's a valid point, Eugene, but Delphi itself provides the ability to save components in either binary or text format - and you do save the custom key bindings to the form file.

    It's not important, anyway. If I decide allowing runtime change of key bindings is a useful feature, I'll roll my own save and load code.

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