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TLMDEditColorSchemeDialog/TLMDEditSyntaxSchemeDialog needs enhancements

I think the TLMDEditColorSchemeDialog needs the following enhancements:

(1) The ability to change the sample text. If you're creating a Colour Scheme/Syntax Scheme pair for a different language, showing examples in Delphi and HTML is not much use
(2) The ability to add/rename/delete token types. Currently this can only be done by directly editing the XML file
(3) Exposure of the remaining parameters. The XML file contains attributes for the overall view settings, such as Color and SelectedLinesColor, but these cannot be changed via the dialog.

For the TLMDEditSyntaxSchemeDialog, it would be nice to be able to control the font attributes. It essentially uses the system font, which is fine for messages, but I prefer a bigger font for code editing.



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