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Painfully slow source install for 2022.7

I've literally sat here for an hour already on two different machines (desktop and notebook) installing the source for 2022.7, and it still says I have 127 minutes left.  Each file shows for about 10 seconds before moving on to another file.  Seems the ones being skipped take forever before moving on.  I've only select the Delphi Alexandria option.  Now it is up to 132 minutes left as I was typing this.  Both machines are SSD drives and I7 processors.  I wanted to see if it goes faster if I delete the source folder first.  The one that I did delete is the one that says I now have 134 minutes left, and the notebook that I did not delete the source form has only 10 minutes left (which started an hour ago), and both stared at about the same time using their own copy of the installer.

Previous versions, such as 2022.5 installed in probably less than 5 minutes.

Oh, now I have 142 minutes left on the desktop.  What is wrong??


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