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TElSpinEdit range check

Hello, i have a problem with the ElSpinEdit and the TElTreeInplaceSpinEdit. The problem is, that the edit instantly checks, if the value is in the range (between MinValue and MaxValue). In some cases this instantly check is not an advantage.

When i use for example -100 as MinValue and -6 as MaxValue than there is an problem when entering a number via the keypad. When i type in -20 for example, the SpinEdit corrects the '-2' instantly to '-6', before i could enter the missing '0'. (Same problem when i use for example MinValue = 2 and MaxValue = 20 and i try to type in 12 for example).

The range check is most of the times very helpful, but is there any option to disable the check when the the value is entered via the keyboard and/or the value is only checked after the user has pressed enter? I have searched in the helfiles and also tried out some things, but I didn't get any result that made me happy.

Used software:
LMD VCL Complete 2022.1
Delphi 11 Alexandria


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