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64bit different scaling than 32bit

I noticed that apps compiled as 64bit look substantially different to those compiled as 32bit apps. It would seem that the 32bit version gets scaled by the Windows Display Scale percent but the 64bit version of the same app does not. The difference is about 150%, which is the scaling factor for my monitor so I'm sure that is the culprit but I don't know why.
I tested it with the MegaDemo, by just changing the build, no other changes made. I have also seen it in my main app where only an LMDButtonPanel is shrunk (or left unscaled) in the 64bit version compared to the 32bit version (and form designer in Delphi), all other controls remain the same size. However making a small demo app with a handful of various controls, including a ButtonPanel does not change size with the build.

Is there a way to fix this so controls in the 64bit version looks the same as the 32bit?
I have Windows 11, Delphi 11.0 Version 28.0.42600.6491 (Alex) with a 4K monitor @ 150%


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  • I cannot reproduce the issue with the new application too. As about your project and our MegaDemo, check projects options: Go to Project -> Options -> Application -> Manifest. Check DPI Awareness setting, which may be set differently for 32 and 64 build configurations. 

    Old MegaDemo may not fully support DPI scaling, so, let's refer to some newer projects. Specifically, I cannot reproduce the issue (which is shown on your right image) even in our new Demo Center.
  • Changing the DPI Awareness to Per Monitor v2 seems to fix it. They were both set to None
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