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LMDStarterEx returns error whatever I do


C++ Builder 11.1 Alexandria
LMD Shell Pack 2021.7

I'm using LMDStarterEx with the following parameters:

Command: C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe
Parameters: describe --tags --dirty --long --abbrev^=8
soxUseCreateProcess = true
soxRedirectOutput = true
soxReditectError = true
Wait = true

I have event handlers for output and errors.

When I Execute the component, the error handler is always called. If I turn off the soxUseCreateProcess, the command runs OK but I can't capture the output. I know I could pipe the results to a file and read that in, but I'd rather the component captured them and gave them to me...

I can't find anything in the Help files about TLMDStarterEx so maybe I'm using it wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.



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  • Simply specify a meaningful value for DefaultDir property.
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    Tried that - it does not work for me.

    It simply returns an error if I use Create Process and redirect error or redirect output.

    If I turn those options off, it works.

  • I cannot reproduce it at my side. After setting DefaultDir the component start to work with the settings, with mentioned by you. Can you specify the value of the LastError property. And, as well, can you try to call RaiseLastOSError function after component's Execute method...
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