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How to adjust the width of a Doc Zone to accommodate a wider dock panel.

I have a number of tool panels which do to the righthand side of the screen.
One of the panels needs to be a fixed width as it is has to act more like a fixed size dialog so I would like the width of the Zone for that panel to be widened if necessary.

This is a snip of the code I have tried but the zone width stays the same as set by the last drag of the splitter.

var dp: TLMDDockPanel;
dz: TLMDDockZone;

  dpPICD.PanelVisible := true;
  dz := dpPICD.Zone;
  dz.width := fmPICDExplorer.Width; // fmPICDExplorer is a form contained in dock panel.

How can I force the width up when this panel is shown?


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    Zones can be of different kinds: panel, horz, vert and tabs. The Width can be changed only for a zone, which is a child of a horz parent zone. So, you should search for appropriate parent zone.

    Example: you can have the following structure:

    - Horz zone
      - Center panel zone
      - Tabs zone
        - Right panel zone

    In this case, you cannot change the Width of the right panel zone directly, because it's reside in the tabs zone. However, the Width of the tabs zone itself can be changed, because it's corresponding parent is - horz zone.
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