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LMD Docking advice wanted

I have an existing implementation of the docking tools in my application. I am now modifying my app to remove the requirements for a mouse and have it function in a touch screen only environment. I am looking for advice on how to best achieve the following...
When the software has an empty dock site I want to always show a placeholder frame that contains buttons that allow the user to select a window. When the user presses the button the placeholder is closed and the selected window is placed into that frame. 
On each "window" that is placed on the dock site would be 2 buttons, one to split the panel horizontally and another to split it vertically. 

Is there an event for when a new dock site is shown that would allow me to create and display the placeholder?

How can I manually split a dock site horizontally or vertically?

Any another advice/suggestions would be appreciated.


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