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LMDSplitterPanel how to set absolute position for LMDSplitterBarItem?

I am using TLMDSplitterPanel and I wish to set absolute position (not percent) for LMDSplitterBarItem,
it is possible?

LMD 2021.4, RAD Studio 11 Enterprise.

Kind Regards
Andrea Giaquinto


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  • Use the Position property of TLMDSplitterBarItem control, e.g. Bars[0].Position
  • It doesn't work, whe I try to change the Position property for example from 10 to 11 than the PosPercent
    is calculated and reflect to Position again.
    I wanted to set Position as absolute to keep pane size even if I resize all panel container.
    Anyway I manage adding new property "PosAbsolute: Boolean" in the way to avoid the percentage
    automatic calculation.

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards
    Andrea Giaquinto    
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