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Problem with Japanese text rendering in LMDEditView

If this document is loaded in LMDEditView:

It doesn't display the line with Japanese text properly (the <title>...</title> line).

It looks like the "</title>" part of line 6 needs to be displayed/rendered more to the right because it is overlapping the Japanese text.

Perhaps this issue has been brought up before? In any case, is it possible for LMDEditView to properly display this document and others like it? Is this something that can be addressed?


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  • I confirm the issue. And what I've found so far - it depends on font size. So, font with size 11 works fine, for example.
    I'l look what can be done.
  • OK, thanks.

    Yes, that is weird. It does seem to display correctly with Consolas 11... but not Consolas 12.
  • Would also like to see this improved in a future update.

    Maybe related - possible issues editing a document that has single codepoints consisting of 2 wchar_t characters (I'm sure there is a technical name for these characters). It seems the editor lets you delete one of the wchar_t characters when it should delete both wchar_t characters if such a codepoint is deleted... this causes corruption of the document.
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