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Tables in TLMDRichEdit

Good day!

I have the question about table insertion into RichEdit component, representing by LMD Rich Pack.

I have custom markdown parser (maded by my own) that can parse tables and LMDRichEdit should render and display it.

LMDRTFRichEdit.pas contains `TLMDParaTableStyle` that, I gess, can be used to construct tables. I've tried to select all table-paragraph programatically by using `SelStart` and `SelLength` properties of `TLMDRichEdit` and mark it as `tsTable` in `Paragraph` property, but I doesn't take the right feedback from that.

Depending on origins of LMDRichEdit - RichEdit from WinApi, I've tried to search the solution on MSDN and finded out interesting information from here:

The quote:
A Microsoft Rich Edit table consists of a sequence of table rows which, in turn, consist of sequences of paragraphs. A table row starts with the special two-character delimiter paragraph U+FFF9 U+000D and ends with the two-character delimiter paragraph U+FFFB U+000D. Each cell is terminated by the cell mark U+0007, which is treated as a hard end-of-paragraph mark just as U+000D (CR) is.

So I splited my table-string into pices by rows framed by `&FFF9&000D` forward and `&FFFB&000D` backward and divided cells by `&0007`, then I marked 
`&FFF9&000D` and `&FFFB&000D` parts, as 'tsTable' cells-strings as 'tsTableRow' (and I tried switch them) but it doesn't work. Yes, it was instruction how to use EM_INSERTTABLE message, but I've tried all ways that I finded.

The question is: How I can force LMDRichEdit component render tables? LMDRTFRichEdit.pas contains such things as paragraph-tables-styles, so I looking for coresponding functionality. I belive that it can render tables but my attempts was unssuccessful.

Can you provide step-by-step solution for this question? I gess if it exists then it is kind of simple.

Example of table in markdown (of cource TLMDRichEdit couldn't convert it to table, it just the example I want to show):
| Тип FII | Тип Delphi         | Тип C (обычно)               | Ширина (в байтах) | Тип ПП |
| UInt8 | Byte | unsigned char, uing8_t | 1 | целое |
| Int8 | ShortInt | char, int8_t | 1 | целое |
| UInt16 | Word | unsigned short, uing16_t | 2 | целое |
| Int16 | SmallInt | short, int16_t | 2 | целое |
| UInt32 | LongWord, Cardinal | unsigned int, uint32_t | 4 | целое |
| Int32 | LongInt, Integer | int, int32_t | 4 | целое |
| UInt64 | UInt64 | unsigned long long, uint64_t | 8 | целое |
| Int64 | Int64 | long long, int64_t | 8 | |
| Pointer | Pointer | void* | 4 | целое |
| Single | Single | float | 4 | число |
| Double | Double | double | 8 | число |
| PChar | PChar | char* | 4 | строка |

Example of table I inserted in TLMDRichEdit:

Тип FIIТип DelphiТип C (обычно)Ширина (в байтах)Тип ПП

UInt8Byteunsigned char, uing8_t1целое

Int8ShortIntchar, int8_t1целое

UInt16Wordunsigned short, uing16_t2целое

Int16SmallIntshort, int16_t2целое

UInt32LongWord, Cardinalunsigned int, uint32_t4целое

Int32LongInt, Integerint, int32_t4целое

UInt64UInt64unsigned long long, uint64_t8целое

Int64Int64long long, int64_t8





The example of code, thats must render the table:
pkTable: begin
  richEdit.SelAttributes.Name := proportionalFont;
  for i := 0 to paragraph.tContent.Count - 1 do begin
    richEdit.SelStart := pos;
    richEdit.SelLength := 2;
    richEdit.Paragraph.TableStyle := tsTable; // FFF9 000D
    Inc({var} pos, 2);
    richEdit.SelStart := pos;
    for j := 0 to paragraph.tContent[i].Count - 1 do begin
      richEdit.SelLength :=
        richEdit.SelLength +
        Length(paragraph.tContent[i][j].text) + 1;
    richEdit.Paragraph.TableStyle := tsTableRow; // table row with cells
    Inc({var} pos, richEdit.SelLength);
    richEdit.SelStart := pos;
    richEdit.SelLength := 2;
    richEdit.Paragraph.TableStyle := tsTable; // FFFB 000D
    Inc({var} pos, 2);


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