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I have an issue. If use lmdcombobox with Style csDropDown in Windows Tablet mode Pc (I used it on Microsoft Surface Pc) then on enter windows virtual keyboard automatically opens with no problem. If use Style csDropDownList then the virtual keyboard dont open. Is there a way to succed it ?


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  • Why you need the keyboard for list styled combo box? I guess that the default behavior is to proceed without keyboard.
  • I have a combobox with 40-50 items. When i press on keyboard A imediatelly show me the first start with A . If you press 2 times then goes to the second start with A etc. Is importand for me this to happens fast.
  • Also i cant use the Style DropDown because if you press A shows the first item and when you press the second A then start to write a new text starting with aa.

  • Regarding to tablet mode, this still is non default behavior. We did not implemented yet any support of virtual keyboard, And, what is more, I've made small research and found that there no official ways (API) to show/hide on screen keyboard.
    So, unfortunately, we cannot achieve this goal right now. But, you can try yourself, using OnDropDown event.
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