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ElXTree C++ Builder Example/How to


I'm using RAD Studio 2007. The TEIXTree Mega Demo wont compile in the Delphi 2007 compiler (I get [DCC Error] LMDProcs.pas(157): E2004 Identifier redeclared: 'int_RefW' when I try to compile it), which means I can't step though the code. My Delphi is too limited to work out why the above error is occurring...

I can't find a basic How To section on the Wiki or in the help for using this component and there's no C++ Builder demo.

Does anyone have a few pointers?




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  • Only to make sure - you tried the C++Builder demo (MegaDemo_ElXTree in lmdelcore)? Actually a full C++Builder demo exists....
  • I've just redownloaded and reinstalled the Delphi/C++ Builder 2007 registered installer and no BCB lmdelcore demos were installed?? The Delphi ones were... 

  • I cannot reproduce this error. Moreover, since LMDProcs.pas unit is a part of our packages, same error should happen when we compile them. But, we do not encounter it.
  • Hi Eugene

    On my backup development PC I was able to compile it so there must be some error with the paths on the main PC.

    I am making progress with the component - but I still can't locate the BCB Demo. I didn't install the trial version of EI pack and the full version installed no BCB demos for the EIX Tree...

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    Please find attached C++ demos including demo for XTree. Its strange that the demo is not included in installation, we'll check it.
  • Thank you - very helpful :-)

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