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Demos for HTML in C++?

Brand new user here -  I bought your product because I was looking for a control that was infinitely scrollable, a mixture of button, links and formatted text and is small enough to allow multiple instances in one application (all characteristics of web browsers, but TWebBrowser only allows one instance in an application).  An actual web browser is probably too much overkill anyway since I really don't need the the overhead of actual web navigation, javascript, etc.

I had a lot of problems with your install program.  Let me see if I can remember a few of them so
you can fix them for other users.

First, it told me that “C:\Users\fanbe\AppData\Roaming\LMD
Innovative\LMD VCL\Licenses” was an invalid path (because your program did not
create that path for me).  So, I manually
created the path it wanted.

Next, I got seemingly random error messages about permissions
apparently because I didn’t know you expected me to run it as an Administrator.  I believe your program was trying store
program settings in a subdirectory of “C:\Program Files (x86)\”, which, of
course, would need administrative permissions to write to (instead storing
settings in “C:\Users\fanbe\AppData\Roaming\LMD Innovative”).

These permissions error messages happened when I was
changing the captions to “Prepare b103” and “Start b103” and when exiting the
program (i.e., times it is apparently trying to save settings).

Next, your program just seemed to hang the first time I tired to “Prepare
b103” because, after display a line telling me it started, nothing further
displayed for about 2 minutes and the user interface had become unresponsive,
so I gave up and killed the process.  When I
went back in and tried to start Prepare again, I got a message that some process
had the file locked it was trying to update. 
So, I rebooted.

Finally, all the projects in the demo folders are Delphi
projects, even though I only have C++ Builder installed and had changed the buttons
in the install application to “Prepare b103” and “Start b103”.  Can you email me the corresponding project
folders for C++ Builder html, so I can see which tags you now support and which
controls, since your documentation page (
only says to see those demos to find out what is supported (and apparently have
to access the controls)?


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  • Hi,

    @license file installation
    ReadMe explains installation of the license file (one time process). 
    RegUtil is mainly required to check whether license is correctly installed. 
    You have (optionally) GIT access, where neither installation of license file nor usage of installer is required.

    Please explain exactly what you have tried. Usually DevUtil is usually straight forward to use, but source folder / lib destination folder needs full write access (but you can place source folder on any location you need).

    >>Finally, all the projects in the demo folders are Delphi projects,<<
    Yes. this is true. But while you can't open Delphi projects in C++Builder only IDEs, you can simply add PAS files of the demos to a C++Builder project to get access to demo sources and DFM content (e.g. for reusing in own projects).

    >> so I can see which tags you now support and which controls, since your documentation page <<
    All controls and tags are listed in the linked documentation page (the Mini-HTML Reference link refers to Check also the integrated editors (see screenshot) - simply place NG HTML control on a form and run component editor from context menu.

  • Integrated HTML editor screenshot.
  • I did use the GIT access established. It would help if I could execute the demo projects to see what they are doing. Is there any chance of adding compiled executables to the HTML demos?
  • Actually the compiled executables (albeit a little bit older) are available in product area download section:

    (named HTML-Pack exe demos)
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