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SyntaxEdit Hindi character issue

A customer reported this issue to me with SyntaxEdit handling Hindi characters "funny".

Please see the attached example document. Load as UTF-8 in SyntaxEdit and then pass the cursor through the Hindi (I think) characters using the cursor keys to see the "funny stuff".

Can you provide a fix? Thanks.

NOTE: System is not letting me upload the file. It gets stuck on "Uploading...", so please get file here:


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  • Hi,

    I can confirm the issue. Its is not so simple to fix, if possible at all. I'll look.

  • OK, thanks for taking a look. I hope it can be fixed.
  • Hi,

    The issue happens because thouse Unicode characters has different width in pixels when measured separately (character by character) and when measured as a whole text string. This, unfortunately, can't be fixed; its not possible to implement fully correct Unicode support in our code editor.
    Btw, Delphi code editor has same issues; not exactly same behavior, but also, very strange.

    LMD Innovative.
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    OK, thanks. I'll inform the customer.

    Oh, do you know if changing to a certain font might fix this?
  • Oh, do you know if changing to a certain font might fix this?

    I think - no. Its a complex case of Unicode, when, for example, several characters (codepoints) can be drawn as a single letter; or the character shape (and width) can depend of surrounding characters, ect.
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