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ElPack: black controls' background

Sometimes we get reports from our users, like this: . Controls with black background are Elpack controls (TElCheckBox, TElCombobox, etc). Is this a known issue, is there a workaround? Or what questions we need to ask to our users in order to understand the reasons?


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  • Two possible sources (problem is caused by incompatible theme settings):
    1.) Problem is caused by code/DFM: Check the ThemeMode, Transparent and DoubleBuffered (especially from the parent control!) properties of the offending controls. 
    2.) Compatibility Settings for the exe itself (--> properties dialog for an exe - Compatibility Mode and disabling Themes only for this specific exe).

    When you can send us a DFM with complete environment, where such problem can be reproduced we can exactly define what has to be changed).
  • Thanks for reply. I seems like we found the reason: DoubleBuffered=False. The problem raises after users install Kaspersky Internet Sequrity 2015 (but it doesn't guarantee the effect, we failed to reproduce). So, DoubleBuffered=True is a must-have option.
  • Hi,

    >> The problem raises after users install Kaspersky Internet Sequrity 2015<<
    This was now reported via another customer. 
    Solution was here: Uninstalling current installed version, install latest KIS version. 
    Very strange, though.

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