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LMDDocking VS2012 Icons


Is there any way to make the VS2012 style show the icons? I know it doesn't show the icons in Visual studio but I like the look of the icons.




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  • Hi,

    You should create your own style (based on provided VS2012 style); please read LMD-DockingPack documentation. 
    Basically, you should change style's XML, where change various ShowXXX properties to True. You can look for icon showing properties at LMDDckStyleElems.pas unit. For example:

    - TLMDPinAreaBase.ShowTabImage;
    - TLMDTabedAreaBase.ShowTabImage;
    - TLMDPanelElem.ShowHeaderImage;
    - TLMDFloatFrameBase.ShowHeaderImage;

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