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TLMDIniCtrl exception error (LMD-Tools 2020)

RegRoot : rpCurrentUser
RegPeth : Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl
Target : itRegistry
Exception error occurred 
Occurs on the following line
iVal := LMDIniCtrl.ReadInteger('FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION', 'ABCD.exe', 0);  //Exception error
iVal := LMDIniCtrl.ReadInteger('FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION', 'ABCD', 0);  //no error

It seems to occur when there is a period in the 'Value name'

best regards,
Hiroshi Shibata


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    Our component is supposed to read data, which was initially written with the same component. In my test "invalid data type" exception is raised, which is, however, the exception raised by strandard Delphi's TRegIniFile class, which is used by our component internally. 

    So, it seems that some other class, like standard TRegistry, should be used in your case.
  • I understand.

    Hiroshi Shibata
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