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Memory leak in LMDMapi.TLMDMapiSendMail

I received this memory leak EurekaLog bug report when sending an email with attachment.  Let me know if you need more info other than this call stack snippet describing what was not freed.  I see where you free Attachments[i].lpszFileName but not Attachments[i].lpszPathName
Application has leaked memory: Total size=45; Count=1.

[0049332C] System.SysUtils.AnsiStrAlloc (Line 12534, "System.SysUtils.pas")
[01CD0E79] LMDMapi.TLMDMapiSendMail.Execute (Line 423, "LMDMapi.pas")
[01CD1499] LMDMapi.TLMDMapiSendMail.Create (Line 610, "LMDMapi.pas")


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