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SyntaxEdit and font-undefined Unicode characters

Maybe this has been brought up before but a user recently told me/reminded me about it.

Here's what they said:

The editor does not show characters that are not defined in the current font
character set but an open box (different from the question mark in a black
diamond used for invalid characters). Ask for a preview and, viola, the
character appears properly. It even copies and pastes correctly since all
displays are in Unicode.

Browsers are cleaver and in this situation realize that the character is unknown
the current character set but properly defined and displays it regardless. Even
the embed browser does this.

I’m sure that there is a file available that does the job. The editor just
needs to copy how browsers do this.

So it would be nice if there was a way to handle these characters better and display them properly, perhaps by using a font that supports them. I don't know how hard this is to implement or not but hopefully it's not too hard and can be done in an update? It would be nice, but not super-important.


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    We draw all text with standard ExtTextOut. And its impossible to control it on character level. Also, its a question about performance.
  • OK, thank you.

    I am not familiar with that function.... but if it has or ever gets a way to handle this situation better, then I hope it will be incorporated with SyntaxEdit. Thanks!
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