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TLMDFxImage Fading

I have a TLMDFxImage and want to do several things.

First I need to fade from black to an image. I first load the desired image as the second image in my TLMDFxImageList, then call the animation execute. I'm using stretch and proportional to get the maximum size and keep the aspect ratio. OK so far.

Second I need to fade from that image to another image that has different dimensions. Again I load the new image into the second position of the TLMDFxImageList and call the animation execute. After the fade I can see leftovers of the first image in the areas that the new image doesn't cover. How can I fix that?

Thirdly, I need to fade the image back to black. I've put a black image as the first image in the TLMDFxImageList, but again it doesn't cover the old image.


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