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Showing TLMDDockPanel

I have a number of TLMDDockPanels in my app but not all are included in the DockingLayout XML file so when the app (and DockingLayout) loads these panels are not displayed. The panelvisible property is true but their Site property is nil. Simply Showing them does nothing and just setting their Site property to an existing site does not seem to be enough. 

Is there a way to set make these panels visible on the app? Or should I just make sure that any DockingLayout XML files have all the panels included, even if they are not visible?

David W.


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  • Basically all panels should be docked somewhere, even if they are not visible. Otherwise the system just has not information about in which place to show them. So, yes, all panels should be saved in layout. 
    But, if by some reason you have a panel, which is not docked (site = nil), then you should dock it using SIte.DockControl, Panel.ManualFloat methods.
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