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Dock panels: Changing VCL styles causes problems

LMD Tools 2019.9 (and 2019.7)
I'll send you a demo, but the basic issues when switching VCL styles (TStyleManager) are:
- Cannot focus an invisible window
- TTreeView gets cleared

Problem 1:
Two tree views, each in a separate dock panel.  Clicking on a node on one treeview shows a specific tabbed dock panel.  Clicking on the other tree view shows a different tabbed doc panel.  Just click on the first tree view and changing styles has no issues.  Clicking on the other tree view then back to the first tree view and then changing a style causes the 2nd treeview to end up cleared.  It seems the tree view populated at run time is the one that gets cleared.  The one populated at design time does not.  Not sure if that is always true, but that is what was occurring in my full application and same with the demo.  Coincidence?

Problem 2:
Again, two tree views.  Same as above, but first undock the first tree view dock panel.  Click on the 2nd tree view to show a different tabbed dock panel, then click back on the undocked tree view panel.  Changing a vcl style generates an error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window".

Note: Style change in from the main menu to prevent a focus change.



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