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missing lib-directory

today I installed C++Builder 10.3 Rio and tried also to install LMD VCL Complete 2019. After starting with setupvcl19src.exe with target directory D:\LMD2019, there appeared a messagebox:

 Could not change Library path settings ...
The rest of the installation seemed to work. I then looked at the paths of C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo to change the Rio paths accordingly. But I cannot, because no lib directory exists in D:\LMD2019 as it exists in D:\LMD2018 and D:\LMD2017. I also couldn't find the needed lib directory or hpp-files at other places.
I could try to install the components directly into the IDE. But things might become worse then. I would prefer a working installer. Is there a chance for it?


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    setupvcl19src.exe  is the source code installer. There is certainly no lib directory, because you load the project group file for your IDE and create them packages and lib files on your system. You only need to set paths to the source folder, so that source files can be found for compilation.

    >>Could not change Library path settings ...<<
    Sounds like you did not start Rio after installation and registry settings were missing which are used to identify default paths.

    However If you need an precompiled installer, simply use the binary installer for Rio (called Delphi/C++Builder 10.3 Rio, setuplmd19d26.exe - path settings are done automatically then). Make sure you removed all previous settings.

  • the binary installer worked well.
    Thank you
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