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TLMDToolButton problems

Issues with the the TLMDToolButton in a TLMDToolBar

I am using a Virtual Image List.

First, I set actions but it does not honor the imageIndex defined by the action, nor does it honor the images and disabled images of the action manager.  However, it does honor the action Hint.  So I have to set the imageList and ImageIndex of the toolbutton.  However, if I disable the button, there is no image shown (the button just goes solid dark gray).  Unexpected, but perhaps that is the way it was designed.

Second, the TLMDToolButtons don't seen to increase in size when moving from a 100% scaled monitor to a 150% monitor, yet the images increase in size.

One other weird thing.  I had four buttons, but only set the first button to an action item (the others were just added with no changes yet).  The image was shown (after the above mentioned changes), but when I moved it to a different scaled monitor, the image went way and would not come back even when moved back to the other monitor.  Once I added an action etc to the 2nd button then it did not get lost.  Go figure.  I did not try to reproduce since I would not have just one button set up... just an FYI.

LMD Tools 2019.7
Delphi Rio 10.3.1


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