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TLMD4Pane3SplitCtrl - What to use?


I have a program made in Delphi 2010.
In here I use:  TLMD4Pane3SplitCtrl

This is not available in the current version (LMD2019VCL).

IS there a replacement I can use easy?



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  • >>This is not available in the current version<<
    This is not true. Reinstall again and this time check the "Install LMD-Tools Legacy Controls" option (it us unchecked by default, because controls should not be used for new projects). In source version the "dcllmdlegacy" package must be installed.
  • Thank you :)

    Right in front of me, and I didn't see it. 

    It seems as this is the only legacy component I use - And I will see, if I can change it. 
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